If you have decided to move or live outside the campus, here are a few links to different university residences in Lille and Croix where you will still be living with EDHEC students but also students from other schools. This is a great opportunity to meet new and different people!

Student residence Lille:

Student residence Croix:

Apartment search websites:


Transportation system:

If you are planning on doing other activities than just work, you may want to order a transportation pass to travel at low prices, to from and inside Lille. Here is the link to the Transpole website on which you can pick the subscription that suits you the best. Below are also the links to the transportation map of Lille and its suburbs. Don’t forget to download the Transpole app to have the bus, subway znd tram times whenever and wherever you want!

- Transpole  website:

- Transportation map :

- Itinerary pick :

- Subscription from 18 to 25 years old :



If you are staying for at least one semester in France, you may want to take a mobile subscription in one of the French mobile operators. Here are a few we have selected for you that might correspond to your needs. Of course all of the subscriptions are non-binding so you can terminate your contract whenever you want without any additional cost. Most of them also come with an internet connection for your apartment which can be very useful.

If you live on the campus, internet and television are included in the rent. To activate the connections, you simply have to go to the reception with the number of your room.
Of course for working matters the whole campus is equipped with free WIFI named “EDHEC” or "EDHEC-5GHZ" and the passcode for this year is “WELCOME2016”

A few links to the main telphone/internet operateur:

EDHEC administration



Having a bank account during your student exchange in France may be very useful, since you will have expenses on a daily basis. Here are some French banks that can accompany you in the process of creating an account: Société Générale, BNP Paribas, Crédit du Nord, Caisse d'Epargne, LCL...

For the creation of your account you will need the following documents:  your passport and/or ID, your Student card and a proof of residence.

For the proof of residence, you have two possibilities: either the papers you give are under your name (for example electricity or gas bills less than 3 months old) or bills under your host’s name, in which case you will need a residence certificate from the host, his ID and a bill at his name (less than 3 months old).



Here are two links to find out all questions you have about : prices, workout...



CAF is a public service that provides financial services to students.

If you need any help concerning this aspect of your student daily please come and ask one of the VISA members or look for an answer to your questions via the link below :



For any medical appointments if you are ill or need to justify an absence in school here are a few numbers of the closest doctors near the campus :

Stephane Samaille : 4 rue sadi carnot 59290 Wasquehal   03 20 72 42 92

Dr Nicolas Ryckewaert : 4 avenue Jussieu 59170 Croix  03 20 98 03 10                 

Billaut Philippe : 25 GRAND PLACE 59100 Roubaix   03 20 73 33 33

And the hospital is at two steps from the EDHEC Campus, if you feel the need don’t hesitate to contact one of the members of the VISA team to be with you.


Sport facilities:

As you may have already seen in the presentation of the school, EDHEC offers to its students a large range of sport facilities. To subscribe you just need to see with the administration.

Here is a link to regiter :

Here is a video of all the facilities including, swimming pool, badminton, handball, fitness, dojo etc.


Student Card

You will be given at your arrival in the school an international student card which can be very useful to have special offers for different activities (cinema, bars etc.) Always keep it wih you may need it at any moment!

If you loose your card you can ask for a new one at the receptions desk. It will cost you 10€



If you live on the campus or close to it, here are a few addresses of supermarkets close to the school:

3 CENSES:  135 Rue Édouard Vaillant,59100 Roubaix                                   

CASINO SHOP: open from 8am to 9pm every day except on Sunday 8am to 1pm               Closest shop to the school but a little more expensive than other shops because rather small

PICARD: frozen products

AU FOURNIL: bakery

L’ENTREMETS: 28 B Avenue Gustave Delory 59100 Roubaix

Bakery where you can buy tasty sandwiches, cakes and bread for an affordable price. As they have an important demand from the EDHEC students, if you want to be sure to have the meal you want, you have the possibility to order your lunch on their website.



Pumpkin is the app we use the most at EDHEC. It is very useful to pay other students or your place to after works through phone numbers rapidly without using your credit card which will already bay saved on the app. Here is the link to the website which describes everything you need to know about it. No worries it is fully secured!



Heetch is the second most used app in EDHEC. It is fairly similar to UBER but with lower prices. Download the app and you will be able to head to or from parties safely.

Here are some numbers of students who do heetch  : 

Louis Ottevaere :



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